What is an Agent?

An Agent in the Entertainment Industry acts as a liaison between talent and potential employers.

An Agent works on your behalf to promote your child in the Industry in order to obtain the maximum opportunities for them to be seen and considered for work. 

An Agent facilitates the movement of information between the child and the employer, including queries, updates, deal memos, contracts, call sheets, the completion of all relevant paperwork as required for child employment purposes etc.

An Agent ensures your child only works for reputable companies and receives the best possible rates of pay. 

In return, an Agent deducts a commission from the rates they have negotiated for you. This commission can range from 10% (ex GST) and 20% (ex GST) depending on the type of work.

How do I know Bayside is a reputable agency?

We are very proud of our great reputation in the Industry with both our talent and our clients.

We encourage you to do your due diligence about any Agency before applying.

Confirm our standing in the Industry:

  • Feel free to contact any of our clients for a reference (we will be happy to provide specific contact names & numbers upon request)
  • Ask around, speak to relatives and friends who may have experience in the Industry
  • Do some online research, including forums, social media etc

Compare us with the other Agencies:

  • Consider their associated costs (& if nothing is listed on their website, give them a call & ask)
  • Consider their clients
  • Consider how many children they represent
  • Consider if they divide their time between multiple states, multiple business divisions etc

Why should I choose Bayside?

  • Whilst we have been in the Industry for over 20 years, with an extensive client base and great Industry reputation with both clients and parents, it’s the little things that set us apart from other Agencies.
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service and communication being second to none! We’re super organised and this filters down to every part of our business, from coordinating jobs to communicating with talent. This includes being both pro-active, as well as extremely responsive and efficient in all our communications, which is essential in such a fast paced & last-minute Industry. We always follow up; we always keep you updated.
  • We provide an inclusive, warm, nurturing and approachable experience in what can be an intimidating Industry.
  • Transparency is very important to us:
    • we have a strong focus on educating new applicants so they understand the cost, level of commitment, what to expect etc and have realistic expectations, so parents can make a fully informed decision if the Industry is right for their child and we are the right fit as an Agent
    • the Industry can be a minefield at times, and we believe that it’s important to continually educate and guide parents through the process and Industry during their term of representation. We encourage questions - no question is a stupid question and we’re happy to talk through anything with our parents until they are 100% clear and comfortable.
  • We are the only specialist Melbourne Children’s Agency. As we are not dividing our time between different states or business divisions, our focus is on Melbourne jobs for Melbourne kids 100% of the time.

Are you currently looking for new talent to represent?

We are always on the lookout for fresh new faces to top up our numbers and compliment the talent we currently represent, so applications are welcome all year round!

What sort of talent are you looking for?

There’s no one-size-fits-all child. We love meeting children of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, sizes, hair colours and favourite colours! There are jobs in the Industry for a wide variety of children and we never discriminate. However, if we feel a child is not suited to the Industry or not ready, we will be upfront as we do not want anyone to waste their time and money.

We represent children with all levels of experience, ranging from those just starting out in the Industry with no experience, through to established talent with vast experience, and everything in between!

Do you limit the number of talent you represent?

We cap our numbers in each age group at 20, therefore we are extremely selective as to who we represent.

Within each age group, at all times, we aim to represent a balanced mix of talent with a diverse range of looks, skills, ethnic backgrounds etc in order to be able to cover all possible client requirements.

How do you promote your talent?

Represented talent have a portfolio profile on our secure, user-friendly website (stills modelling), as well other Industry casting platforms (acting). Our clients access these online profiles to view and select talent.

Professional comp cards can be shared, downloaded & saved or printed from our website by both talent and clients.

We instigate regular, pro-active contact with existing clients, not only to nurture our existing relationships, but also as a service to introduce new talent or re-acquaint clients with existing talent relevant to their preferences, sizing requirements etc

We work hard continually sourcing new clients, both big brands as well as boutique and emerging brands, no matter what their budget.

We aim to be on set with our talent as much as possible to support our talent and their families, ensure the shoot goes smoothly and maintain the relationships with our existing clients.

Bayside is well known & has an excellent reputation in the Industry. We spend time nurturing existing client relationships and developing new client relationships so each of our talent can receive maximum opportunities for work.

What kinds of work are your talent submitted for?

We submit talent to our clients across the following aspects of media & advertising:

  • Stills Modelling (including catalogues, fashion, non-fashion)
  • Fit Modelling
  • Runway
  • TV Commercials
  • TV Series
  • Feature Films
  • Theatre

Our social media pages showcase just some of the campaigns and brands our talent have been recently working on!

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Can you guarantee work for my child?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee work, as we cannot predict upcoming campaigns and their specific requirements, and the final decisions for any job are made by the client.

We can, however, guarantee we will promote your child to the Industry without bias and submit them for all suitable work, so as to provide as many opportunities as possible for your child to be seen and therefore considered by clients.

Please be aware that no Agency can guarantee work.

What are the costs involved?

Just like any Industry, to have any chance of being successful, you need the right tools of trade. In the Entertainment Industry, this includes being represented by the right Agent in the right places. Just like any Industry, this comes at a cost which is best viewed as an investment in your child’s career.

It’s important to note all children’s Agencies will require some sort of outlay. As the costs are often labelled differently or not clearly disclosed upfront, we recommend you call and ask about any compulsory fees, such as professional photos, website or admin fees etc.

We offer the following 3 enrolment options for representation:

OPTION #1 (12mths, includes Professional Photos)

  • 12 months exclusive and unbiased representation
  • Includes Professional Photography (1 x min 45minute bespoke, private shoot)
  • You have the option to pay the fee via EFT, debit/credit card, Paypal or Afterpay
  • $550 per child (incl GST)

OPTION #2 (12mths, excludes Professional Photos)

  • 12 months exclusive and unbiased representation
  • Talent to provide their own professional or good quality photos
  • You have the option to pay the fee via EFT, debit/credit card, Paypal or Afterpay
  • $400 per child (incl GST)

OPTION #3 (6mths, excludes Professional Photos)

  • 6 months exclusive and unbiased representation
  • Talent to provide their own professional or good quality photos
  • You have the option to pay the fee via EFT or debit/credit card
  • $250 per child (incl GST)

We offer a 10% discount for 3+ children enrolling from the same family.

The annual fee is non-refundable.

What is included in the cost?

All enrolment options include the following:

  • Either 6 or 12 month exclusive and unbiased representation (depending on the enrolment option selected)
  • Individual profile on the new, state of the art Bayside website for modelling work
  • Individual profiles on Industry websites for acting work (via included subscriptions to online Industry casting platforms)
  • Digital comp card, which can be shared, downloaded & saved, and printed
  • Parent access to talent portal for unlimited, instant and convenient updates of your child’s profile information and photos
  • SMS notifications when submitted for work opportunities
  • Detailed Talent Manual to reference during your representation
  • Detailed Home Photos / Photo Loading Guide to reference during your representation
  • Regular communication via monthly newsletter
  • Optional family profile

Plus if you select enrolment option #1

  • Professional photography (1 x min 45min bespoke, private shoot)

What are your application requirements?

  • Ages 0-15 years only
  • Must live no more than 90 mins from the Melbourne, Australia GPO (due to Child Welfare travel time restrictions)
  • All applications must be completed by a parent or guardian

Do you accept every application?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone who applies to Bayside.

Acceptance of an application is dependent on both our current numbers in the relevant age group as well as the mix of children we currently represent in the relevant age group (ie) as we cap our numbers and service such a wide range of both print and TV clients, we need to ensure we always represent a diverse range of talent within those constraints.

We only accept children who we honestly believe have a good chance of being successful in the Industry, based on our experience.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application form
  • You will be asked to submit:
    • Parent or guardian name and contact details
    • Child's name, date of birth and clothing size
    • 3 recent, colour, clear images of the child (including headshot and full length images)

What is the application & interview process?

STEP 1 – Send in an application

  • Complete the online application form on this website.
  • When you submit an online application, you will receive an automated response to confirm we have successfully received your application.
  • You will receive a response from us one way or the other, usually within a couple of days.

STEP 2 – Offered an interview

  • If your application is successful, the next step in the process is we will invite you to make a time for a WhatsApp video interview.
  • If you are invited to a WhatsApp video interview, this means we are interested in the possibility of representing your child.
  • The interview is obligation free and important for several reasons:
    • We do not represent anyone we haven’t personally ("virtually") met, as we cannot accurately gauge your child’s suitability for potential work in the Industry from photographs alone
    • It is an opportunity for us to engage and interact with your child
    • We will provide feedback regarding potential opportunities within the Industry for your child
    • It is a chance to give you more detailed information about the Industry and how we work as an Agency, to make sure we are all on the same page
    • It’s also an opportunity for you to check us out and ask any and all questions you might have
  • The interview takes approx. 30 mins

STEP 3 – Offered a contract

  • During the interview, we will determine if we would like to offer your child a contract
  • If we offer a contract, we will run through our enrolment paperwork with you online & then email it to you after the appointment
  • The enrolment pack includes our detailed Talent Manual which is effectively your “Bible” of everything you need to know about being represented in the Industry, and includes topics such as the booking process and what to expect at a casting, along with heaps of handy tips and tricks
  • If your child is offered a contract, you are not required to make a decision on the day or pay any money, rather we prefer you take the time to digest everything we’ve talked about and read all the material we’ve provided to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you’d like to accept the offer

Can a child be enrolled with more than one Agency at a time?

As Bayside is a full-service agency, we do not represent children who are currently represented by another agency.

Prior to accepting a place with Bayside, it is your responsibility to inform us if you are currently registered with another agency and confirm that you have informed them in writing that you no longer wish to be represented by them, effective immediately.

Some rare exceptions are made for talent who are currently represented by an acting Agent & are therefore looking for modelling representation only.

You are not permitted to join another agency during your time with Bayside. If this occurs, you will be immediately removed from our books.

Can my child still do freelance work and enter competitions?

Yes, you are welcome to source freelance work and enter competitions via social media etc, so long as it does not conflict with your representation.

What about Child Safety?

Keeping children safe and happy is what’s most important to us. A child’s welfare trumps all else and we only work with brands, people and businesses that we 100% trust.

All organisations in Victoria that provide services or facilities for children are required to comply with Child Safe Standards, to ensure that the safety of children is promoted, child abuse is prevented, and allegations of child abuse are properly responded to.

Bayside Talent Management is a Child Safe workplace. Our “Statement of Commitment to Child Safety” and signed “Code of Conduct” is included in our Talent Manual which is provided at all interviews and is otherwise available upon request.

Employers of children under 15 years in the Entertainment Industry are also required to obtain a “Child Employment Permit” prior to each booking. This ensures they comply with the “Mandatory Code of Practice for the Employment of Children in Entertainment (2014)”.

Children under 15 years must always have a parent or guardian present at all castings, fittings & bookings.

All Bayside staff have current Working with Children Checks (WWC).