About Bayside

4 mums, 8 kids – Mardi, Liz, Shaynee & Gemma understand kids (and parents) better than most. We know what makes kids tic and what makes them shine! We create a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels at home, and this starts at the very beginning when you first meet us at the interview.

We also know that while taking the leap into modelling and acting for kids is a fun and exciting step, for parents it can be overwhelming and sometimes daunting. That’s why we are focused on providing up-to-date, accurate and relevant information and tools for kids and parents navigating the Industry.

We encourage open communication and welcome lots of questions! We’re happy to talk through queries at any time until parents are comfortable and everything is 100% clear.

We’re super organised and this filters down into every part of our business. From coordinating jobs to communicating with talent. We always follow up; we always keep you updated.

Keeping children safe and happy is what’s most important to us. A child’s welfare trumps any job and we only work with brands, people and businesses that we 100% trust.

There’s no one-size-fits-all child. We love meeting kids of all ethnicities, ages, abilities, sizes, hair colours and favourite colours! There are jobs out there for a wide variety of children and we never discriminate. However, if we feel that a child is not suited to the Industry or not ready, we will be upfront as we do not want anyone to waste their time or money.